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Had a pretty bad weekend (yay migraines!), had hoped to catch up some with my backlog of comic-related work, but no.... here's hoping that I manage to catch up some this week. At least I caught up with sleep over the weekend :)

SHD-WK actually made it to #1 again on the KillBoredom weekly top list. That's pretty cool I guess. Thanks to all who took the time to vote!

Vote incentives (I'll try to get something new up every week):
At TWC: See the leaderboard-sized ad that I quickly created last week when I thought I needed one - and then didn't use.
At buzzComix: See the skyscraper ad I'm sometimes using to advertise for SHD-WK -- I actually quite like this one.

And there's new fanart too (If you read the forum, you probably already know this :)).

Spiky's Link of the Day:

I recently read about Michel Fournier and wondered about the maximum speed a skydiver can reach. This page from The Physics Factbook answered all my questions.

Author's notes:

That's not the bench in the park... that's the bench indoors, in the cafeteria at Dragonore. I think we've last seen that in #43.

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