So, this is my pathetic effort at creating an ongoing online comic ;)

Nah. The story behind this is, I like coming up with stories, and I kinda like drawing, however my drawing abilities aren't exactly good - so I figured that to make them better, I need practice. However, I'm a lazy person - a very lazy person in fact -, and pretty much the only way I could force myself to draw, was to run a webcomic with regular updates, so that's were it comes from...

I think I'm getting better already, right?

This is also the reason that this comic has such a strict 4-panel format, even though that would be better suited for 1-joke-per-strip (which this comic does not really try to be); I find it easier to stick to drawing this when I have a very strict form.

And as for the story - despite the form, I'm not trying to be funny every time. What matters most to me is the ongoing story, which isn't really funny at all. Now if only my drawing style were a bit more dramatic so it would match better :)

Oh, about me? I'm just a 30-something computer/anime/juggling freak with way too little spare time. Not a native speaker of English either, so bear with me...

My ComicSpace.

All right, time for the FAQ. Wait a second, I haven't been asked very many questions yet...

Where are the ads? Where are the toplists? Where is the merchandise?

Yes, I've been asked why I want to keep my site ad-free... I think there are enough ads on the Internet already. This even includes webcomic toplists - most require you to put a prominent banner on your frontpage, and I don't want that. My frontpage is mine and mine alone ;) If it's merchandise you're looking for, there is the SHD-WK store, but again, I'm not linking this prominently -- hey, I'm not drawing this webcomic to make money! That said, if you do want to advertise on this site, contact me. But it's unlikely I'll offer you more than a text link on the main page.

What's this "buffer" you keep writing about in your comments/notes?

Because I would never have the discipline to draw one comic per day and have it ready in time for it to go online, I'm working ahead. Ideally, I have comics finished for the next 2 to 3 months already, so that even if something bad happens and I can't work on the comic for a while, you'll likely never see filler strips. I refer to these finished-but-not-yet-published comics as the comic buffer.

Want to ask something? Write to ak-shdfaq2(at)creatures.org or to the address below, preferably with SHD-FAQ in the subject.