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Update 2017-11-14:

The comic is about to be 14 years old on Nov 25 ... it's been ages since I started this, and I know it's been ages since the last update (a year longer than I had thought). There will be updates on Tuesday Nov 14 and Tuesday Nov 21, and then ... probably radio silence again for a while. The plan is to completely finish the script next, and then figure out how to get all of that drawn -- about 800 strips left, by my estimate (which might well be wrong).


Thanks to the gracious efforts of the one and only Hand, the forum is back online! (Hopefully actually in mostly working condition ;)). If/when you read this, drop by over there and let us know you're still alive too!

The comic will be updating irregularly on Tuesdays. (For now, "irregularly" means very rarely.)

(Note: The RSS feed is still broken, and I don't know when I'll get around to fixing it. In the meantime, by far the best way that I know of to keep track of updates is Piperka, check it out!)

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