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Full name:Spiky-Haired Dragon
Age (at beginning of comic):  0
First appearance:#0
Description:Cute little innocent dragon baby. Said to possess mind control and shape-change abilities.
Full name:Sir Vincent Frederick Worthless
Age (at beginning of comic):  20
First appearance:#1
Description:Cursed knight who is unable to wield or even touch any weapon. Has to kill a dragon to lift the curse.
Full name:Roland Michael Thurlow
Age (at beginning of comic):  almost 21
First appearance:#9
Description:Vincent's best friend, and a squire at Sheldon's Drake.
Full name:Sir Helena Gael Thurlow
Age (at beginning of comic):  almost 21
First appearance:#47
Description:Roland's twin sister, only 15 minutes older even though they were born in different years.
Full name:Stella Gloria Blakeley
Age (at beginning of comic):  24
First appearance:#6
Description:Barmaid at the Badger's Den in the village Rahenby.
The Baron 
Full name:Angus H. Ashcliff
Age (at beginning of comic):  23
First appearance:#26
Description:The Lord of Dragonore castle. Enjoys being mean.
Full name:Sir Siron
Age (at beginning of comic):  Unknown. Has been around for a long time.
First appearance:#29
Description:First Knight of Dragonore. Never seen without his black armour.
Full name:Costin Fletcher
Age (at beginning of comic):  16
First appearance:#25
Description:The Baron's page boy. Would like to be a squire, but no knight in their right mind would take him.
Full name:Edgar. That's all you need to know.
Age (at beginning of comic):  Unknown. Older than he looks.
First appearance:#106
Description:Red-headed lunatic with a kilt and a ... katana. Lives in the mountains among dragons.
Full name:Jonquil "Smith".
Age (at beginning of comic):  19
First appearance:#189
Description:Dirty little thief from the big town in the south. Spent a night with Vincent, which he can't quite remember.

Less important characters, in order of appearance:

  • The Mule, a.k.a. Bruce. One of Spiky's friends. First appears in #46.
  • Sir Lothar, First Knight of Thurlow Manor. First appears in #55.
  • Sir Dega, First Knight of Blackthorn. First appears in #60.
  • Alexander/Shura, Edgar's pet dragon. First appears in #104.
  • August, a juggler and storyteller. First appears in #202.
  • Rattie and Patch, two punks that hang out with August. First appear in #206.
  • Tonio, a thief. First appears in #221.

Even less important characters:

  • Alastair, the local gendarme. First appears in #15.
  • Sir Jeremis, First Knight of Sheldon's Drake. First appears in #55.
  • Sir Elliot, Second Knight of Sheldon's Drake. First appears in #55.
  • Steven, an innkeeper. First appears in #185.
  • A smith. First appears in #199.

Characters who have only been mentioned:

  • Vincent's parents. Dead (killed by dragons). (Pictured in #413).
  • Benedict, Vincent's brother. Dead. (Pictured in #114).
  • Lord Thurlow, Roland's and Helena's father.
  • Lady Thurlow, Roland's and Helena's mother.
  • Duke Sheldon (the Duke of Rahenny), the Lord of Sheldon's Drake.
  • Juriaan, priest and doctor at Dragonore.


  • Dragonore, the castle where Vincent, Spiky, Siron, Costin, and the Baron live.
  • Sheldon's Drake, the castle where Roland, Helena, Sir Jeremis, Sir Elliot, and Duke Sheldon live.
  • Rahenby, the village between Dragonore and Sheldon's Drake.
  • Thurlow Manor, where Roland's and Helena's parents and Sir Lothar live. A bit further south from the two castles and the village.
  • Badger's Den, a small pub in Rahenby, where Stella works and Roland and Vincent like to hang out.
  • Rahenny, name of a small duchy in the mountainous northern region of an unnamed country, where all this takes place.
  • Blackthorn, a county further to the south (but north of Cattsborough).
  • Cattsborough, the next big town to the south.