Let's see, what else is there to say .... I've got to thank a few people.

First of all, Blambot. Without their website, which offers freeware fonts for non-profit comic projects, I wouldn't have found the perfect font for my strip.

Tuukka, for ongoing feedback and storyline discussion, and Alvan for proofreading and QA in the beginning stages of the comic.

antartic for beta-testing the shop.


Aja from True Magic.

Sylver, for a whole lot of proofreading and help with grammar and phrasing questions.

Rainaari and Negation, for trying to keep the forum alive.

And lastly, but most importantly, all the readers. (This means you.) While I started this strictly for myself, to see that there are actually people following the story is what keeps me going. Thanks for reading!

I'm sure I forgot someone...

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