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On sick leave from the comic (I'll monitor the forum though, or it will get overrun by spammers. Since there are currently more spam posts than regular posts (I delete 5-10 spammers a day), I wonder if it is even a good idea to keep it...)

Spiky's Link of the Day:

Flash Game Friday brings a little timewaster from pya! Just keep your mouse pointer out of the character's reach for as long as you can...

Author's notes:

Whew. 400 comics. That's quite a lot!
It's amazing how much the characters have changed. I can actually draw better now than when I started! Panel 3 was quite a challenge in a way, to draw the characters both in their old style, but at the same time more "accurately". I somehow messed up on the whisky bottle though; Vincent is going to drop it any moment if he holds it like that...
Spiky in particular has changed a lot since then. But that's understandable - she is growing up, after all.

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