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This is a reminder that the comic will take a break after #1000 (which posts on February 3rd). I'm not yet sure when the comic will resume (the original plan was to have a 2 month break, but I think it will have to be longer than that). I wrote a bit more about it on the forum.

Looking at the author's note below (I write them when I upload the comic, so they're usually 3 months old when you get to see them) ... I still have the same interim computer with the same basic scanner setup. I'm probably stuck with it for a while.

Author's notes:

This comic took me a few weeks to draw. No, not the disappointing result that you see here -- originally panel 1-2 were to be a double-panel sized establishing shot, showing Vincent and Spiky and the whole banquet hall. That didn't work out.

Rather than being stuck there any longer, I finally gave up and placed that bit of dialog in the boring hallway leading to the hall. Additionally, the quality is lower -- thanks to my computer dying, I currently only have a very basic scanner setup and that's the best I could do.

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