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Current mood: Tired.

Feeling a little under the weather here, I think I caught a cold. Can't think of anything to write about in this space now. Oh well, only three more work days before Christmas. And for those who were worried, installation of my new hard drive wasn't a problem. ;)

... *falling asleep* ...

Spiky's Link of the Day:

I have another little flash animation for you, a quiet little game, a beautiful, slightly surreal adventure: Samorost. Sound is recommended, it might be a bit hard to solve it without.

Author's notes:

When I had finished drawing this, I did not like it at all. It looked totally different from the picture I had had in my mind before I started, especially panel three. I scanned it, cleaned it, resized it, assembled it, lettered it, uploaded it, and then decided to forget about it. Only about a week later (I draw the comics 3-4 weeks in advance) I looked at it again, and then I suddenly liked it. I really like it now. At the moment, it is my favourite strip, closely followed by #13 (which won't be up for a few weeks). I guess I just needed to forget how I had originally pictured the strip :)

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