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I know that the year isn't over yet, but it seems that everybody (read: one or two of my friends) are already deciding on their favourite albums of 2003. Well, here are my top 5:

1. Taal - Skymind
2. After Crying - Show
3. The Mars Volta - De-loused in the comatorium
4. :green carnation - A Blessing in Disguise
5. Dead Soul Tribe - A Murder of Crows

Not everybody's music, I know. Now excuse me while I go sing along with Green Carnation's "Lullaby in Winter": I know you're sad because it's winter, but I can promise you a spring... Yup, I still hate snow ;)

Spiky's Link of the Day:

This link is old, but recently it has been posted again around some of the IRC channels I frequent, so I thought I'd post it here as well: Fly the Copter. Nice little time-waster of a game. Only that I don't really have the patience to play ;).

Author's notes:

Soon I will have to decide on one thing - will I tell the story solely from Vincent's point of view, or will I also show what other characters are doing when Vincent is not around? I do prefer to stay with Vincent all the time, but it might just be funnier if the reader knows things that Vincent doesn't. (Not that the comic is particularly funny anyway, but well ...)

And before you ask, no, I don't know how that name is pronounced :)

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