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I'm telling it to everyone I know, so I'm telling all of you too:

After being a customer for many years, I will never order from again. Their customer service is completely unacceptable. After a wrong delivery (that we were nice enough to inform them about immediately -- what they sent was worth a LOT more than what we ordered), multiple delays (the original delivery took longer than advertised already, I would have ordered elsewhere if I had known), and multiple emails and phonecalls from our side, they could not be bothered to fix the situation in a timely or apologetic manner or even keep in contact without us chasing them down all the time.

Sure, mistakes happen. But I think I can expect the company who made the mistake to put in some effort to fix it. It's now a week later and I still don't have a working product. (If only I were less honest, I'd just have kept the much more expensive version they sent instead...)

Don't order from if you want to actually get what you ordered, and/or get it on time.

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Have you played with the WorldWide Telescope? (I think the web client needs Silverlight.)

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It looked better in bigger.

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