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Current mood: Annoyed/Stressed out.

Things that are fun: Watching extremely bad movies. (OK, fun in the poking-sticks-in-your-eyes-is-fun kinda way.)

Things that are not fun: Back pain so severe that you decide to call emergency, but collapse when trying to reach the phone. (Yes, really happened. Yes, I'm ok now, thanks for asking.)

Things that annoy me: Telemarketers. Those that call 5 times on the same day. (Because I never picked up, I guess. Yup, I know the number by now.)

Spiky's Link of the Day:

Oh yeah, speaking of ninjas (see Bad Movie note above): Ninja Burger is kind of nice, especially the fun section. Especially the sound effects in the flash game! ;)

Author's notes:

Aw, now Roland isn't wearing his nice outfit anymore.
I like some things about this one, but mostly I'm rather unhappy, especially with panel 2.

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