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Current mood: OK.

I'm kinda overworked ... But hey, my cat is fine again. (Remember? I posted here a while ago that he was very sick. Took a lot of time and money... but he's fine now.)
In other news, throwing things around is still fun. Clubs are more fun with balls, and even more fun it is to throw 6 things between 2 persons ;)
In other other news, I got yet another piece of fanart. It's really time I got the rest of this site running...

Spiky's Link of the Day:

I just found out that the site I originally wanted to link to does not work properly in any of my browsers. Don't you all hate those IE-only sites? Now I'm kinda out of time to find a good replacement ... I know! I give you a totally awesome site! Real ultimate power and all that!

Author's notes:

Is it just me or is that pole slightly tilted...?

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