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Forums are back up (and hopefully mostly intact)!

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So I actually reached 1000 comics. When I started planning the story 9 years ago, I never thought I would. (I also thought I'd reach the end of the story by #1000, but we're just over half-way through by my current estimate.)

As planned, the comic will take a break at this point. This break is going to be much longer than originally planned; I have too many things changing in my private/family life right now and just can't manage to find the time I would need to run a webcomic. I still intend to get back to it, but at this time I just cannot say when that will be. I know it's not a good point in the story for a long break, but it's all I can do for now.

In the meantime, the forum will be around. I'll keep you updated on my progress there too.

Author's notes:

That's how you crash a party.

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